The websites below are the official ESN code resellers for HomeKO Online World!

Dear HomeKO Online World Players,
Here you will find the ONLY official resellers for HomeKO ESN Codes. Please be aware of the following information regarding HomeKO ESN Codes:

Be aware that any ESN Codes that are being sold on sites other than what is listed below are considered illegal and unauthorized ESN Codes. Furthermore, any ESN Codes that you may try to redeem from outside websites will be blocked by HomeKO, and you may be subject to further account action.

Any player that purchases any Knight Online related products from illegal third party websites, including ESN codes, must accept all responsibility and potential consequences for those actions. HomeKO will no longer take responsiblity for ESN codes which are sold on unofficial websites.

Our official reseller websites are found in the links below.: Klasgame