[NOTICE] New Power Up Store And User Details System!
Hi SON-KO Ardream Player We have developed a new "Power up store" is more convenient and easy to determine the amount of the item you will get a PUS System We have designed.

[NOTICE] Son-KO Ardream / Farm Beta 2.0 AWARD LIST
Hi Son-KO players! Here is the reward list of our Farm Beta 2.0 stage. The prizes will be distributed through the RIGHT NP SORT.

[NOTICE] v2246 FPS Stabilization and UI Scale feature
The UI Scale feature allows you to enlarge (UIF) Windows in Game without changing your screen resolution. For example, if you are watching the Remote PC or have difficulty seeing your eyes, you can easily view and enlarge the menus easily. You can upgrade certain numbers of menus according to your screen resolution.

[NOTICE] Son-KO Ardream / Farm Beta 2.0 / 19 September 20:00
In this article, we will try to convey all the issues you wonder about our server. Son-KO first served in 2013 with the Ardream PK server. From this point of view, our aim was to make people enjoy the pk they love besides labor. We have decided to install this server with ARDREAM - FARM combination. Let's get some more details.

[NOTICE] Closed Beta Begins on September 11th
We are glad to open the doors of an untried Ardream Farm server!

[NOTICE] Upgrade Rates
Upgrade Available Rate Ardream Server is prepared in a way I can see Detailed Information on our .Forum address

[NOTICE] Closed Beta Awards
In our closed beta server, we will have Knight Cash gifts to be used in the official version to create a more fun and competitive environment.

[NOTICE] Son-KO Beta 1.0
We are pleased to present to you the latest "Son-KO: Reborn Of The Ardream" update. As you know, Son-KO was established in 2013 as v1298 and in time v1453 later served as v1534 to international players in 3 different languages until 2016.

[NOTICE] Closed Beta Expires
Yours interest and relevance in the closed beta version made us very happy. We saw our shortcomings before the official opening and we had the opportunity to correct them. But we do not think these are enough for a better game. The closed beta will end on September 17 at 15:00.

[NOTICE] Son-KO Ardream Farm
Sizlere en yeni "Son-KO: Reborn Of The Ardream" güncellemesini sunmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz. Bildiğiniz gibi Son-KO 2013 yılında v1298 olarak kurulmuş ve zaman içersinde v1453 daha sonra v1534 olarak 2016 yılına kadar uluslar arası oyunculara 3 farklı dilde hizmet vermiştir.