[NOTICE] October 9th Update Notes
Server maintenance work is complete! There was a transition to a higher capacity server before the official opening.

[MAINTENANCE] October 8th Server Maintenance
The game servers will remain closed for a while due to server update work before the official opening. The maintenance period is unclear. We are grateful for your patience and understanding during the maintenance period!

[NOTICE] Facebook Closed Group
Our Facebook page has been closed once again due to copyright. After that, all announcements and news will be shared from our closed facebook group. All Son-KO players are requested to join the group.

[NOTICE] Weekly Ranking and Reward System
We are pleased to announce our new project

[NOTICE] Like Share and Event Results
Like Share and Event Results

[NOTICE] Ardream Tasks [Repeatable]
Ardream Tasks [Repeatable]

[NOTICE] Farm Beta Awards Winners
Awards Winners

SERVER STATUS 5/26/2019 1:54:23 PM

HomeKO Beta
Login Server
FTP Server
Game Server Server
Discord Server
Skynetacs Server

(There is no premium player capacity. All players can play at any time.)

Weekly Ranking

Award of the Week

  1. mmm
  2. ukyuy

* Prizes are given according to weekly ladder NP order. Every Friday at 23:59 ladder national points are reset. *